Attorney John Noor appointed to North Carolina’s new Pro Bono Resource Center Advisory Board

John D. Noor, Attorney at Roberts & Stevens, P.A., Asheville, NCRoberts & Stevens attorney John Noor was recently appointed an inaugural member of the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center Advisory Board. The NC Pro Bono Resource Center Advisory Board is a group of eighteen members of the North Carolina legal community who will serve as a focus group for new pro bono initiatives, resources, and communications in our state. The group will provide the Resource Center with a diversity of viewpoints and perspectives on pro bono legal services, representing a wide variety of geographic communities. The group will also help the Resource Center devise a mission and strategy for its upcoming work; inform its perspective on both the substance and process of pro bono legal service, such as pro bono recognition guidance or current gaps in available opportunities; and increase pro bono volunteerism among attorneys across the state of North Carolina. 

Inaugural members of NC Pro Bono Resource Center Advisory Board are:

Candice W. Brown
Christopher S. Dwight
Ryan C. Fairchild
M. Denisse Gonzalez
Jason G. Idilbi
Afi S. Johnson-Parris
Molly C. Mahoney
John D. Noor
S. Wilson Quick
Sabrina P. Rockoff
Katherine E. Ross
Troy D. Shelton
Camille S. Stell
Judge Linda H. Stephens
Starling B. Underwood III
Monica E. Webb-Shackleford
Alyse A. Young
Angela H. Zimmern

For more information about the Advisory Board and its members, click here.